Gerd Frantzsen was born in Mo i Rana, Norway.
She studied art at Kampen drawing and painting school, Oslo in 1983-84, and at Vestland Academy of Fine Art, Bergen in 1986-90.
She also has a degree in Nordic language and literature from the University of Oslo.
She lives and works in Bergen, Norway and has her studio at Bryggen.


Vestlandets Kunstakademi, Bergen 1986-90
Kampen Drawing and Painting School, Oslo 1983-84
Nordic language and literature, University of Oslo, 1982


Vinterlyskunstner, Rana kunstforening, Mo i Rana 2022
Be Open, Bergen 2019
Øksnes Kunstforening, Myre i Vesterålen 2018
Galleri Parken, Bergen 2013
Rana Kunstforening Havmannutstilling, Mo i Rana 2011
White Box, regi Øksnes Kunstforening, Nyksund 2010 Hamarøy Galleri, Nordland 2009
Galleri Parken, Bergen 2008
TIT Art & Design, Bergen 2002, 2005.
Galleri Brevik, Tromsø 2003.
Nord-Trøndelag Fylkesgalleri, Namdalstipendiat, Namsos 2001
Rana Kunstforening, Mo i Rana 1998
Hå gamle Prestegård, Jæren 1996
Galleri Langegaarden, Bergen 1996
Galleri Dobag, Kristiansund 1995
Aalesund Kunstforening, Ålesund 1994
Galleri Føyner, Oslo 1992
Galleri Roenland, Jevnaker 1991-93
Galleri Gimle, Oslo 1990


Malerier i år 2000, a touring exhibition in North Norway, curated by SKINN
Statens Høstutstilling
Den Nord-Norske Kunstutstilling
Nordnorsk samtidskunst


BKFH Salong, jubileumsutstilling, Bergen 2021
Den Grøne Fabrikken, Ostery 2020
Galleri Mjøsvågen, Osterøy 2007
Galleri SG, Trondheim 2006
”Omfalos- spirit in the urban landscape”, installasjon, Bjørvika, Oslo 2003
LNM Jubileumsutstilling, Hardanger 1998
Galleri Langegaarden, Bergen 1992,-93,-96,-97
”Portrett i dag”, Fjøsangersamlingene, Bergen 1994
”En grønn utstilling”, Nord-Trøndelag Kunstforening 1992
Women Exhibition, Australian Embassy, Bangkok, Thailand 1992


Fine Art Association, Saigon, Vietnam 1994
Creative Centre, National Gallery, K.L., Malaysia 1993
Silphakorn Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand 1991


National Collection Agency, Mo i Rana, 2011
Universitetssykehuset Nord Norge, Tromsø 2010
Øksnes Kunstforening, Myre 2010
Skatt Vest, Entra Eiendom, Bergen 2008
Bergen Kommune 1990, 1994, 2002, 2003
Namsos Kunstforening 2001
Sykehuset, Namsos 2001
Rana Kunstforening 1998
Sparebanken Rana 1998
Nordland Fylkeskommune 1989,-93
Nordland Sentralsykehus, Bodø 1994
Aalesund Kunstforening 1994
National Gallery, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 1993
National Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand 1992
Silphakorn University Art Collection, Bangkok, Thailand 1992


Kalfarlien Sykehjem, Bergen 2002
Ladegården Sykehjem, Bergen 2002
Øvstunheimen Sykehjem, bergen 2001
Arna Sykehjem, Bergen 2001
Sandviken Sykehus, avd. Blåbærlia, Bergen 1992


USA, Los Angeles, Death Valley og San Francisco many times, 2000- the present
Athens workshop 2002, 2005
Deya, Majorca workshop 2004
Berlin, London og Edinburgh several times
Vilnius 2002, 2003
Prague 1998
Italy 1990, 2002, 2008
Russia and Georgia 1990
Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam og Borneo 1989, 1991, 1993, 1994


Bryggen Art School, Bergen. academic director and teacher 2005 -2008
Teacher- workshops in Deya, Majorca and Athens 2004, 2005
Art teacher for Friundervisningen in Bergen 1992- 1999
Runs her own courses and workshops 1999- the present


Member of Norske Bildende Kunstnere og Landsforeningen Norske Malere,
Bergen og Hordaland Bildende Kunstnere and the Institutt for Romkunst.

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....the light gives strength to the growing
the darkness - lightdwelling for the stars
the shadow gives calmness...

outside the window is an old copperbeech
red-coloured, not the same at any time of the year,
continually changing...

...He is asking: From where do you draw your colours?
She answers: I draw them from inside me - they live in me.
Creating tone-colours, moods.
Finding a sound. The light meets the colour.

... there are sounds jarring against the sighing of the beech

... outside rain - and the darkness arrives

... listening to a piano concert by Mozart...

Creating a balance in composition and colour.
Simplifying the motif. Most important, the unity.

...there is a calmness in the faces enjoying the spring day...

Heavy, bold strokes of the brush alternating with
gentle, thin lines in pastel. are saying you no longer remember
the lines in my face...

There is a mood - an energy
is filling the picture surfaces.

...darker outside, the contrasts within me tumble down,
possibilities are revealing...

The colours are impure. Destroying.
Pure, bright colours.
Meeting between patches of colour.
From the darkness I paint the light.
A new room.


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